PURPOSE STATEMENT: The chief aim of African Bible Colleges, Inc. (ABC) is to train Christians in Africa for pastoral ministry, Christian service and leadership skills relevant to the continent. ABC is also committed to proclaiming salvation through Christ only, spreading the good news of the Word of God, and maintaining, preserving, perpetuating and uplifting Christian principles.

THE BIBLE COLLEGE PHILOSOPHY: The various colleges of African Bible Colleges, Inc. are institutions of higher education in which Bible is central, and the development of Christian life and ministry essential. The curriculum at the college requires all students to enroll in essential Biblical Studies courses, as well as general studies course which help prepare the student for a wide spectrum of Christian service careers. An important component of the Bible college philosophy is the integration of a Biblical world view with both life and the learning experience. The overriding purpose of the curricula is to equip students for both ministry in the church and service to the world.

DISTINCTIVES OF A BIBLE COLLEGE EDUCATION: The distinctive function of a Bible College/University is to prepare students for Christian General, and Professional Education. The Bible major (primary course of study) is at the heart of the Bible College/University curriculum. A Bible College/University may also offer Liberal Arts majors provided these are in addition to and do not displace the required Bible major or alter the objectives of the Bible College education.

SUPPORT MINISTRIES: ABC Christian Academy, ABC Community Clinic, Radio ABC, Student Outreach Ministries.

NON-PROFIT MISSION (NGO): African Bible Colleges, Inc. is a non-profit mission organization registered in the State of Mississippi, founded for the purpose of establishing and operating Bible colleges on the continent of Africa.