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Aubrey Tingo Kanyama began attending African Bible Colleges in 1999 and graduated in 2004. He enjoyed "Creative Writing" (taught by Sam McDonald), "Speech Communication" and "Sermon Preparation" (Sam McDonald, Palmer Chinchen).

When asked about his most exciting moments at ABC, Aubrey mentions when he received his degree. Due to a car accident, he had to graduate a year later than planned after missing a whole semester of school. Another significant moment was when he met his wife, Alice (nee Malaidza) who graduated from ABC in 2006. She is now working at ABC as a receptionist. He comments that "it was exciting to meet people from many countries and backgrounds. This broadened my outlook on life."

After graduation, Aubrey worked as an intern with the Malawi Human Rights Research Center, before joining World Relief in 2004. He is currently working as a Public Relations, Communications and Church Relations Officer. Mr. Kanyama works in seven districts in Malawi.

"ABC helped me . . . [grow in] leadership, . . . relate and communicate with people . . . [and] interact with churches where I work. [Furthermore] ABC also taught me responsibility."

"ABC is helping Malawi through the graduates meeting needs (filling positions) where the people are. Graduates are in government, churches, and non governmental organizations. They are everywhere. They help in the transformation of Malawi."