Goal: $70,000
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Received: $30,270

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year greetings from everyone at ABC. I wanted to send you a brief update regarding the letter we mailed out before Christmas about our need in Malawi for a new generator and fuel storage tanks.

First, a huge thank you to the many people who responded to our request for help. We are tremendously encouraged by the 111 individuals and couples who sent in gifts. We now have just over 40% of the funds needed for the project.

I also wanted to say that the need for better back-up power and fuel reserves for the mission continues to be urgent. During December our staff estimated that the mission was without city power for over 70% of working hours. I also just spoke to my parents on the phone, Jack & Nell Chinchen, who said the long gas lines and the chronic shortage of fuel is becoming worse, not better – Malawi is a landlocked country, so fuel has to be imported by truck from refineries 500 miles away in Mozambique.

We are hoping to have the new generator purchased and shipped by early April, so we would be very grateful if you could make a special one-time gift toward this project.

Your gift will be a wonderful help in countless ways – lighted classroom sessions, functioning computer labs, uninterrupted radio broadcasts, security at night, continuous internet service, and the ability to serve dinner when they are supposed to at our dining hall and in the homes of our missionaries. The bottom line is that your gift will help the mission run smoothly in so many important ways.

May God bless you,

Paul Chinchen, ThD

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