Running to Jesus
y now most people have heard the incredible-almost
unbelievable numbers coming out of Africa-400 million Christians, 10 million converts a year, 26,000 new believers every single day! But the numbers don't become real until you are there to experience it, which is what the story below beautifully describes.

In March we were thrilled to have the president of Samaritan's Purse, Dr. Franklin Graham, visit our campus in Yekepa, Liberia, for the REDEDICATION of our flagship ABC campus, which had been ransacked during the country's 16-year civil war. Dr. Graham, whose organization has played a major role in the rebuilding of our university, gave our students, faculty, and the vice president of Liberia, Hon. Joseph Boakai (who was also present for the service), an inspiring challenge-preach Christ at every opportunity and keep the Bible at the center of everything taught at ABC.

The following day Dr. Graham began a three-day crusade in the capital city, Monrovia. The large Chinese-donated national stadium was packed. My parents, Jack and Nell Chinchen, the founders of the mission, were once again sitting with the Vice President who had accepted Dr. Graham's personal invitation to attend. Also attending were ABC Board member Dr. Tom Kay, Jr., his wife Connie, my brother Del who runs the college in Liberia, and his wife Becky.

My parents had attended and volunteered at a number of Billy Graham Crusades in the early years of their ministry, so they were not surprised that Franklin, just like his father, preached straight from the Word and straight to the heart. But what happened next was shocking-something my father says he has never seen in 50 years of ministry. When Franklin gave the alter call, before the closing hymn "Just As I Am" had hardly begun, thousands of people were jumping from their seats and RUNNING to the front- literally RUNNING TO JESUS.

What happened next was shocking - something my father says he has never seen in 50 years of ministry . . . thousands of people jumping from their seats and RUNNING to the front - literally RUNNING TO JESUS.
Dad and Mom were exhilarated and decided to go back again the next night-and amazingly the exact same thing happened again! Thousands of people were leaping from their seats and running to the front to accept Christ. Wow! Dad and Mom would later say that it was without question one of the greatest thrills of their lives.

We are indeed incredibly blessed to be right at the heart of one of the most magnificent Christian movements in the history of the church. I promise you, this is a very exciting time in Africa, but we need your help-we need you to partner with us. We can't do it alone, and neither can our students. Right now we have hundreds of fine, committed young men and women applying to our colleges in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda- young people who are ready to make a difference for Christ, but they need help.

Therefore, we would be very grateful if you would kindly consider sponsoring a new incoming ABC student. It takes four sponsors at $39 a month to underwrite each student, $78 a month if you would like to cover half the cost of a student, or $167 a month to be a student's sole sponsor.
We also have a wonderful, easy-to-use website set up where you can post messages and correspond directly with the student you are sponsoring. Please pray about this, and please know we are very grateful for your help.

By His Grace & For His Glory,

Paul Chinchen

Paul Chinchen
African Bible Colleges
(Liberia / Malawi / Uganda)

Running to Jesus