Jack and Nell Chinchen

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Web Radio READ THE SCRIPTURE for the lesson to be taught before listening to the audio file.
READ THE LESSON QUESTIONS before listening to the recorded broadcast.
PRAY before each broadcast asking God for a clear mind and Spiritual insight.
LISTEN to the broadcast in a quiet place. You may listen through our website (look above), subscribe through your browser or find us on iTunes.

OPEN your Bible to the Scripture being taught and keep it at your side during the broadcast.

A REVIEW of the last lesson will precede every new lesson. Listen carefully to the review and make sure your answers are correct.

Courses currently being added . . .
    The Minor Prophets (taught by Mrs. Nell Chinchen)

Please note that these lessons and materials were originally produced for Radio ABC. We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear the Word of God in your own home as it was originally broadcast to our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Africa.

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